My Weight Loss Journey

OMG i’m out of ketosis and I don’t know why. Cry forever. D:

It’s been three days and I’m already in ketosis. WHATTUP!?

Jimmy Johns has an unwich! It’s a sub wrapped in lettuce. Omg it’s so good!

I’m back on track with low carb. I already feel better. Maybe this is the thing that works for me!

I’m getting really sick of these stomach problems/pain. Doctor says I’m fine. Mmmk doctor. Mmmk.


Went to the doctor today to get some blood work done to see if something is up with my thyroid or iron levels. My weight was 176 according to the doctor’s scale though my own said I weighed less. UGH! I’m disappointed in myself though my doctor was very happy with my weight loss. I’m definitely on track now. I’ve been tracking everything in My Fitness Pal again. Summer is coming quick. I refuse to ruin the progress I have made.

I’m alive!

I promise. I’ve been off track for a month now and I’ve been so busy. I know, no excuses, but it sucks. I’ve also been having some health problems and I think my thyroid is out of whack. I’m going to the doctor next tuesday and we’ll see what’s going on. Summer is coming up quick and I’m not giving up. Just need to get back on track and find some good recipes so I don’t get bored. Thanks to all my followers for sticking with me.


1. Drink less diet soda

2. Eat more veggies and fruit

3. Work out more (hopefully with Jamie)

4. Convince boyfriend to join in with diet and exercise

5. Be proud of myself for how far I’ve come

Confession time.

I got really sick with Bronchitis in early February and wasn’t really sticking to my diet then and I just never got back on track. I was in the 160’s but I highly doubt I am now. I haven’t had the courage to weigh myself. Today I’m getting back on track again. Summer is coming and I want to look the best I ever have.

I don’t understand why I keep failing. I mean I stuck with my diet for five months with no problems and then the holidays hit and now February is not going too good. I am determined to keep going. I have come too far to gain back all the weight I’ve lost. I have people who are counting on me to push them and they push me. I will do this and I will look amazing this summer. I will be in a bikini with my best friend and everyone will be like holy shit you guys look awesome!