My Weight Loss Journey
Making progress!

Making progress!

I’m getting there. 

I’m getting there. 

I didn’t feel great today but I went out and ran/walked anyway!


I just signed up for my first 5k and It’s a color run and I’m so effin scared. I do not run. I hate running. I’m seriously going from doing nothing to running a 5k and I signed up for it so it’s legit. I need to start training. I’m excited but freaking out. 

I walked three miles today with two of my friends. I was huffing and puffing the whole time. Tomorrow I’m going to try and run. Wish me luck. I might die.

I’ve been keeping my own little personal blog. I blog in it every day and hold myself accountable for every piece of food I shove in my face. I will succeed! Gotta get things under control.

I’m thinking about joining Planet Fitness but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. Anybody have any opinions on it?

I was so sore from running yesterday that I only walked a mile today. I honestly didn’t think my thighs would be this sore haha.

So guys I’m still alive. I went for a run today and it went well. I’m getting back on track. Sorry I’ve been gone for forever!

OMG i’m out of ketosis and I don’t know why. Cry forever. D: